How it Operates – Rental? Catered? Billboard?

Whether your interest is to have an event custom tailored, catered and cleaned up for you or you want to try out an idea, cater your own event or something else?  Chalk Board Special® has got you covered.


In one aspect we are an instant *private label mobile business. What that means is you can hire us to very quickly and economically custom design a temporary store front for you that can include a retail business, food related or marketplace.


Maybe you desire a custom event where you can pick from a listing of your favorite local chefs, caterers and restaurants that have designed the Chalk-Streams capabilities into a custom menu and can service your needs all with your own branding.


Another option to consider is just wanting a living billboard to get your message out, push a brand or market an idea.  You can have our artist design the exterior to reflect your need, have us park it where you will get the most traffic and have a one-of-kind eye candy marketing tool.

It really is up to you how you will make the best of it and what it will say about you.

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