About us and where it started

The Chalk Board Special® idea was born in a garage during a brainstorming session with a friend. While discussing food trucks and culinary specialties, we joked about being a jack-of-all-trades (and master of none). How does someone translate that into a food business?

The answer is that they don’t. They think beyond the food. Although our original idea was to promote different cuisines we soon realized that people saw potential in the “blank slate” concept and that we needed to expand the business’s scope. A chef wanted the vehicle to test out a BBQ menu; an event organizer wanted chalk murals to promote a charitable cause; a restaurant owner needed a temporary kitchen to help maintain revenue during a renovation. Our vehicle could do all of these things and more. We also saw it as a way to help foster small businesses, feature local artists, and promote charities in a way that is both unique and affordable.

The Build

It took 2 years of restoring and re-building but now our 1968 Airstream is a mobile, customizable store front, that just happens to have a kitchen inside. Chalkings can be done for weddings, sports teams, charities, public/private events, business promotions, schools and institutions. Food can be catered either by our team or any number of local chefs. The CBS Airstream is more than a food truck, it’s a one-of-a-kind event space that goes where you need it. Please take your time to read through all that is available for you on the Chalk-Stream and how you plan to build your idea.

3000 rivets, 2 years and lots of sweat, piece by piece restored

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